From the Original Editor

Written in 1987: 

It has long been my belief--though undocumented--that since the terrible hardships suffered by the Pioneers crossing the plains in handcarts, not a single Mormon has died of starvation!  Huge buildings have been built, parking lots have been paved, young people have been sent on trips, souls have been saved on the the strength of spudnut sales and ward dinners.

Relief Society sisters can feed the 5000 on 24 hour notice from the Bishop and have enough leftovers to serve at the next homemaking meeting and the Blue and Gold Banquet to boot.  This book contains a few of the favorite recipes of the sisters in the Cowley First Ward.  They are tried and true recipes that we know are good.  Isn't it easier to pick a recipe if you know the good cook who recommends it?  And if you don't like it or have a question about it, just call them up and have a good visit.

We believe these recipes to be correct as far as they are translated correctly!  You will find from time to time, first person comments which I as editor could not resist making!  These in no way reflect the views of our cooks or the First Ward Bishopric.

Thanks to all the willing helpers who helped in any way to prepare this book.  A special thanks is due my daughter Julie who did all the typing.  Her nimble fingers saved me countless hours of very slow typing and many dollars worth of correction tape.  Remember that to be a good cook, it helps to have a happy heart and to always set your table with love.


Peggy G. Rasmussen
Editor and Chief Flunky