Sunday, June 26, 2011

Squash Cookies

Contributor:  Alice Lyman Welling
CC Original

"This poem/recipe was composed by Sister Welling.  It's a favorite of both friends and family."

This recipe I'd like my friends to try,
I use it still as in days gone by.

When autumn ripens squash like yellow gold
They make a cookie fit for any jar to hold.

One half up of shortening--buter's best
Creamed with 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar do not rest
Until 2 beaten eggs are used, fresh from the nest.

Then all success will follow in the test.

One cup of squash and one of raisins ground
One cup of nuts in the soft batter drowned.

One half teaspoon of cinnamon, the same of nutmeg too
One half teaspoon of cloves sends flavor through and through.

With one teaspoon of soda, the same of salt
Will make four dozen cookies without a fault.
All these spices sifted with three cups of flour
Will bring you baking joy for work of just an hour

By teaspoons mold and drop upon a sheet
You'll find these, nicely browned will be a special treat!

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